We have built and still building solid relationships with our employees, partners, suppliers and customers, inspired by our mission, vision and values. "Building Sustainable Partnerships" is a signature that comes to strengthen the ideas that consolidate the foundations of the brand.

To achieve growth and development, together with customers,employees, suppliers, shareholders and communities,driven by innovation,sustainability and operational excellence.

To stand out to customers for the level of partnershipand services,while staying among the largest top tenand among the top five most solid and profitablecompaniesin the sector, internationally.
Our values represent our guiding principles and form our performance drivers, dictating the way we do our business.
values represent the guiding principles and are our performance drivers, that dictate the way we do business.
  • Respect for People & Environment
    To always act correctly and fairly towards our shareholders, associates, customers, suppliers, governments, communities as well as the whole society in general, and to act responsibly when it comes to the environment.
  • Responsible Performance
    Complying with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable at regions and countries in which we operate; committing to the values set forth herein; acting with integrity and according to the universal standards of human co-existence, with no discrimination based on race, gender, creed, religion, position, function or any other base of discrimination.
  • Transparency
    Providing clear and in-depth information on our activities, achievements, and policies as well as to perform in a systematic and accessible manner.
  • Focus on Result
    Always striving to maximize performance as a mean to guarantee sustainability, continuity of investments, increasing shareholders´ profit and maintaining suitable working conditions.
  • Quality & Innovation
    Providing our customers with the best quality possible, whether during delivering our services supplying our products, and to constantly invest in the improvement of our activities and personnel.