Established in 1987

Our plant occupies a strategic location on Matrouh North Coast Road,55 Km from Alexandria. Amreyah Cement achieves a production capacity of 5.5mtpa through three production lines. Amreyah Cement Company is a key player in the national cement market. 

Just like the history we have built,we excel continuously to build the future

Amreyah cement applies the state of the art technology to deliver high-quality and reliable cement. The company enjoys a long-standing history in the market, and its cement has proudly built many of Egypt’s most well-known landmarks, especially in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Alexandria. Nevertheless, we are still innovating and introducing new products to meet the changing needs of the market.

Our priority is the well-being of those we serve through a relentless focus on innovation and continuous improvement to build a sustainable future. Amreyah Cement resembles home for its white and blue collars, who participate in continuous training and development. The group has an active safety and environmental policy, which is imperative for building a sustainable environment for employees and the communities in which it operates.

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