• info-icon High strength Grade 42.5N
  • info-icon High sulfate resistance
  • info-icon Multi-purpose Suitable for all construction applications
  • info-icon Less heat of hydration and less cracks formation

El-Sahel Cement
CEM II /B-S 42.5 N

Characterized by its low heat emission and low porosity,which reduces the concrete cracks and increases the building's durability making it less affected by different erosion factors.

El Sahel Cement is a unique product for all applications and is the best choice for seaside regions.

Standard Specifications:

In compliance with the Egyptian Standard Specification No. 4756-1/2013.
In compliance with the single European Specification No. 197-1/2011.



  • All construction purposes
  • Construction in coastal areas
  • Mass concrete
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Plain concrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Finishing

Technical Specifications:

Clincker 60% SR
Gypsum ≤ 5% ( using to control setting time )
GBFS Slag 35%
Chemical Properties
CL ≤ 0.1 % (by weight)
So3 ≤ 3.5% (by weight)
Physical & Mechanical properties
Initial setting time ≥ 60 min
Expansion ≤ 10 mm
Compression resistance after 7 days ≥ 10 N/mm2
Compression resistance after 28 days ≥ 42.5 N/mm2 & ≤ 62.5 N/mm2


  • In a dry place isolated from humidity and rain
  • Stack the cement bags off the floor on wooden pallets with an impermeable plastic sheet Cover
  • Maintain a space of 60 cm between  exterior walls and the stacks
  • Stack the cement bags close to each other to reduce circulation of air
  • Stacking limit : 10 bags