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Here are some of the reasons for choosing us to work with

Performance Management
Amreyah Cement Performance Assessment Program is based on individual and collective targets. All assessment results are submitted to a committee that discusses our professionals' development, and are used as a reference to set the variable remuneration and possible inclusion on the promotion list.
Career Management
Amreyah Cement´s succession maps are drawn up by committees and are based on performance assessment results ,
identification of gaps, individual interests in relation to careers,skills and willingness in relation to the mobility of employees.
Our remuneration policy is designed to guarantee market competitiveness. Variable remuneration is based on the meeting of targets, which takes into account the guidelines of the company , the business unit and individual objectives.
Quality of Life
Amreyah Cement runs a quality of life program at its head offices are in São Paulo and Buenos Aires.
Activities geared to health, leisure and sports were adopted as a pilot project to be implemented at all our units.
Amreyah Cement conducts a working environment survey every two years in order to ensure the alignment of the human capital management tools, to monitor the levels of motivation and commitment of its employees and to implement measures to increase the level of satisfaction of the same.
Diversity of Culture
Amreyah Cement is passionate about diversity,not only gender or racial diversity; but also the diversity of having various types of people, with different ways of thinking and cultures. Diversity is a natural outcome of a company with a strong talent focus, mindset and culture. All employees are valued and treated with respect at all times. This creates a workplace with an open and vibrant culture – where people are free to be themselves, do their best, inspire others and realize potential for themselves and their teams.